Arabella Stewart

Bellina Salon is a welcome new salon that opened its doors in a new building a few months ago; located across the street from the German School and right next door to the French Bakery/Café.

As well as traditional hair styling for both Ethiopian and European hair (the lead stylist trained and worked at Boston Spa) including colour (the salon uses Schwarzkopf products) the particular service that I indulge in is their incredible foot massage and pedicure – not like any foot massage that I have experienced! It is sheer indulgence and good for you too. First your feet are soaked in essential oils with herbs, baking soda and sea salt in a copper bowl (soaking feet in a copper container can help to achieve a healthy immune system as well as help alleviate joint pain from arthritis).

You are then given a relaxing and yet thorough massage (either seated or lying down in the adjoining treatment room) which includes the additional use of using wooden massage stick tools which have been used for hundreds of years in Thailand when giving foot and hand massages. The tools also use elements of reflexology, which benefit your overall wellbeing. One of the massage tools is small and pointed and the other has a roller. The pressure when using the pointed tool (none of this is in any way painful by the way) is therefore concentrated onto a small point of the foot and is more effective than using the fingers. The massage tools are used in different ways – by pushing the small tip into the muscles as described above, or by rolling along the foot. The rolling method is really effective on the sole of the foot, as it can be targeted along the ligaments from the pad below the toes right down to the heel.  The massage is usually around 45 minutes.

Their pedicure is just as thorough; your feel are soaked as described above and in addition to the usual nail and cuticle trimming and maintenance, your feel enjoy an invigorating scrub (hardened skin on heels and under toes is gently scrubbed away using a callous file) and exfoliation process (home made treatment made from coffee granules, oats, sugar, rosemary and olive oil applied to your feet and legs). Your feet and legs are finally and generously applied with oil and you enjoy a relaxing moisturizing massage to complete the process.

The salon uses its adjoining treatment room for facials and is equipped with the necessary and professional equipment for performing a variety of in-depth cleansing and anti ageing facials. The salon uses Origin products and if you don’t want an actual  facial you can just have the facial massage.

Walk in appointments are welcome but if calling ahead for an appointment, speaking in Amharic is advisable.