Recipes and spices from home have culminated in a culinary landmark in Silver Spring Maryland. A modest restaurant on Georgia Avenue, Beteseb (aptly meaning “House of People”) began winning awards and drawing customers shortly after it opened its doors just a few years ago.  They recently received yet another and prestigious award “Best Washingtonian 2019 – 100 Very Best Restaurants” This is a significant achievement and great recognition since there are dozens and dozens (literally!) of Ethiopian Restaurants in the DC Metropolitan area and a good half dozen or so on the Georgia Avenue stretch of Silver Spring/DC itself! Chef Marcus Samuelsson watched traditional Ethiopian Kitfo being prepared by Darmyelsh on his TV program” No Passport Required” He even called her a “Kitfo Goddess”!


Aynalem Zeleke runs the restaurant along with his sister Darmyelsh Alemu who is part owner and Chef in the restaurant. They proclaim proudly that they are a family-owned restaurant with warm and friendly staff. Their parents started the original Injera/Teff export business back in Addis called ET Teff and older brother Yewendwesen Alemu was involved in distributing injera/teff in the USA long before Teff became the global phenomena that it is today. However, people abroad soon became “addicted” to the unique tastes and flavours of Injera and Wot as soon as they discovered Ethiopian cuisine. However, before teff and/or injera could be as easily exported from Ethiopia as it is today, often Injera abroad had to be prepared with flour or other mixed grains. Most restaurants are still able to offer both but for those in the know, Injera prepared from Pure Teff from Ethiopia is by far the best tasting and most nutritious!


Beteseb food is delicious and freshly prepared and the restaurant has received recognition from top and highly respected food reviewers!


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8201 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring MD

Phone: (301) 448-1625