Sosina Wogayehu has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia 2019 “for service to the performing arts as an entertainer” when Australia “recognizes outstanding and meritorious service of its citizens” and she is included in The Australian Honours List.


From her personal experience, Sosina understands the immense value young people can gain from exposure to the wider world.


A little girl who grew up in Addis and loved acrobatics from the age of 6 grew up to become a globally renowned circus artiste and as a result creating multiple opportunities for many other young Ethiopian acrobats. She was so determined to become a star as a child that she sold cigarettes on the streets of Addis to support herself and to follow her dream!


By the age of 11 she had become a Gymnastic Champion twice over! As an early teen she joined Circus Ethiopia for children and performed all over Ethiopia and Europe. When these tours then took her to Australia, she enrolled in college. She found the perfect course in Swinbourne which taught her all about theater which was to prove very useful as she developed her career (including lighting, sound, production, acting and photography). She obtained two degrees one in Theater Production from Swinburne University and her BHD of Circus Arts from the National Circus School of Australia after which she went on to join Circus Oz.


Although she was always very active in asylum programs and outreach to marginalized communities during her time in Australia, her dream was always to return home one day to Ethiopia.


In 2014 she returned home and began the work of forming Gamo Circus School of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, which gives free classes to aspiring acrobats from 3 Government schools. She has been able to secure invitations for many Gamo students to travel to Australia, USA, Europe and the Middle East to perform their world-class circus acts. She is also the founder of Gamo Circus Inc. Australia, which supports Gamo Circus School in Ethiopia. 


Sosina then went on to found and run Ethio Circus Entertainment, which manages the artists and presents them for the Global Circus Market.


Never idle, Sosina is currently busy building a bridge between Ethiopia and Australia though Arts, Culture and Education. The vision for “Model Citizen Ethiopia” is that this program opens a vital people-to-people cultural bridge between Ethiopia and Australia. It gives young people the chance to see different cultures at the same time as it helps them to boost their education and to develop essential life skills.


The program is currently seeking program partners and potential sponsors.

“Being Ethiopian Australian makes me very proud and despite struggles I have been through and the success I continue to have, I am still dreaming of making this world a better place”.


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