By:  Nik Puppato

Addis Family Getaway is a division of Welcome Ethiopia Tours, a fully licensed tour operator in Addis Ababa under Swiss management. Addis Family Getaway was founded to offer nature weekend getaways for families and friends. The idea behind it is the lack of green areas and playgrounds for children in the rapidly growing capital. However, our weekends are not limited only to families with children but everybody is welcome.

Addis Family Getaway offers camping weekends in beautiful spots within easy reach of Addis Ababa offering unlimited natural playgrounds for children and adults alike. For the shorter 1-night weekends, we usually go to Menagesha Forest, the closest tract of significant indigenous forest to Addis Ababa, 20km west of the capital. Menagesha incorporates 25 square kilometres of juniper, African redwood and yellowwood trees, as well as Mount Wechecha, an extinct volcano that rises to 3385m. The forest can be explored along a network of hiking and 4×4 trails (ranging from a few hundred metres to almost 10km in length) that fan out from the forestry headquarters 15km from the small town of Sebeta. Wildlife includes the striking guereza monkey (Colobus monkey), endemic Menelik’s bushbuck and bold Anubis baboon, all frequently seen by hikers, and predators include the leopard and serval cat. Menagesha is also a particularly important site for endemic forest birds such as the yellow-fronted parrot, Abyssinian woodpecker and Abyssinian catbird, as well as the colourful Narina trogon and white-cheeked turaco, which are also likely to be seen.

For the longer 2-night weekends we also offer Lake Langano, a good three hours (250 km) drive south from Addis. The lake is one of a series running south down the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Bordering the Eastern shore of Lake Langano is East Langano Nature Reserve, a beautiful lakeside forest and home to a variety of birds and mammals. The area is a delight to explore on foot or on horseback.

The forests are mainly podocarpus and wild fig trees, full of Colobus Monkeys and over 300 species of birds, 7 of which are endemic to Ethiopia.

During our weekends we always try to find the right balance between activities and relaxation. Fun games for the children and recharging the batteries of hard-working adults are our key focus. In the evening, we bond our friendship with freshly prepared food (barbecue) and a campfire.

We are a very experienced tour operator working only with a carefully selected staff. Our guides, drivers and cooks have been trained to maintain the highest standards when it comes to driving, responsible guiding and cleanliness in the kitchen. Finally, and most importantly, we care about our guests and always want to give you the best time during your stay with us.

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