WISE (Organization for Women in Self Employment) in collaboration with Sustainable Environment & Development Action (SEDA), Oxfam America and the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture delivered Entrepreneurship, Life skills and Leadership training for Ethiopian female food security heroes for three days at WISE Women’s Academy.


The participants came from Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Harari , Somali regions and Dire Dawa City. The annual Female Food Heroes Award Program recognizes women food producers through awards, acknowledgement and celebrating their efforts.


OXFAM in Ethiopia in collaboration with eight national and international organizations has been working to change the terms of the argument for women farmer’s trough a project called GROW. One of the major objective of GROW in Ethiopia is to promote investment & empowerment of smallholder women farmers/pastoralists to ensure their resilience and food security. Oxfam believes that small farmers as a group are the largest private investors in Ethiopian agriculture and supporting them to be more profitable is key to strengthen Ethiopia’s effort to gain food security and economic development. This is partly because increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers will play a significant role to assure food security.


Therefore, recognition by the public, social, cultural and political leaders that smallholder farmers are innovators and, major players in the economy and social stewardship is very critical for the support they aspire to achieve.


In an effort to present women smallholder farmers as innovative and agents of change, they have been running a Female Food Heroine (FFH) Award Program. The award started nationwide in 2012.